Poor or No Cellular Signal Inside Your Building?

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of people feel they are not competitive or safe without a cellphone connection
of cellphone users biggest complaint is no or poor signal somewhere inside a building
consider cell signal important to safety in a condo
of cellphone users feel less safe when they have no cellphone signal

Liability of Poor Cellular Signal Inside Buildings

The safest and most interactive condo building has complete wireless coverage, everywhere. No cellular dead spots. Every resident has a built-in safety communication device….a cellphone.  No need to install outdated Call Panic Button stations to underground parking floors. No more moving to the “good signal” spot inside the condo unit or building to make or receive a call.

In the worst case scenario, in a condo with excellent cellular coverage, a resident requiring emergency help anywhere inside the building can use their own cellphone to call for immediate help.

Staff and contractors have the flexibility and mobility using their cellphones to call, email or text anywhere they work inside.


Condo parking is the most isolated and remote common area of a condo building. A majority of incidents including assault, robbery, theft and property damage in GTA condos occur in parking areas. Staff or residents cannot call for help in these areas with no cell signal.

What Are Poor Cell Signal Causes?


Other buildings blocking the signal path from tower.


Newer LEED certified or e-compliant materials, such as low e-glass with metal oxide layers or window tinting used in construction that greatly increases RF signal reflection.


Below grade, underground levels where signal cannot reach.


Concrete structures with metal or rebar enforcement which resist cellular penetration.


Network towers that are mostly pointed downwards towards the street and not upwards to the higher floors of many condos.


Temporary traffic overload to a specific tower.

How Can We Help?

Simply put, BOOST it systems capture good cellular signal outside buildings, amplifies and distributes it to areas of poor signal inside. 

Pre-Construction Signal Planning

Our experienced wireless engineers can work with a builder’s project development team to
predict weak signal areas based on site locations and build materials before you start construction. You will get a complete list of equipment required, schematic blueprint of system placement, cost out the install or turn it over to you to install. This method saves you money vs retro install to existing structures.

Spot Area Boosting

If your building is operational and only some areas of the building have poor/no cellular coverage, we can provide spot boosting to that area only. We do an on-site signal survey and map out the weak cellular service areas. Our site technician will prepare a detailed quote to bring the weak areas to full bars. Our system boost all networks and all frequencies so there are no dead carriers or dead signal spots.

Underground Parking

Underground parking is the most isolated common area in a condo and typically has poor/no cellular signal. For emergency service providers such as fire/police/ambulance this can pose a problem. To residence, visitors, condo property management and contractors no signal here is a major inconvenience. BOOST it has specific parking signal enhancement solutions to make sure everybody stays cellular connected below grade 24/7.

Who We Are

We have been in the Canadian wireless industry in product design and distribution since 1993 and have long established relationships with networks all over North America. We are highly experienced in the area of wireless connectivity and passionate about helping to keep every mobile device that uses wireless service connected no matter where it is. We invested many years becoming highly educated in the area of cellular signal patterns and distribution systems giving us the expertise to design and install commercial grade boost systems for areas as small as 1000 sq ft to complexes of 1,000,000 sq ft. As we live in the condo community of downtown Toronto, we understand the fiduciary duties of condo corporations and the needs of residences and believe BOOST it services can add significant value to the condo experience for all.

Proudly an ACMO Member

Recent Projects

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Explosion Proof Control Room
Sarnia, Ontario

Explosion proof Gas Pipeline Surveillance Control Center. Inside cellular service was non-existent due to 3ft concrete walled construction and Gold LEED certification specifications. Our delivered solution changed the previous -120dB (no service) scenerio to a -72dB signal for full voice/text/data throughout the Control Room.

43,000 sq ft Distribution Center
Moorestown, Ontario

43,000 sq ft distribution, training and office facility with poor cellular signal due to the long distance from all towers and GOLD LEED certified construction. Our team designed an LTE antenna distribution system and installed it working at night to minimise work flow disruption.  The delivered solution was full bars LTE/Data that producted LTE-70db signal throughout the complex.

Xerox 1

North York, Ontario

We were hired to bring LTE for all networks into a below ground floor covering approximately 12,000 sq ft of a major company head office that had poor signal. The work was designed and completed in one weekend ahead of schedule and right on budget with signal levels less than -65db throughout the basement level.

140,000 sq ft Gas Storage Facility
Thorold, Ontario

This large gas distribution and storage facility had poor cellular signal in many areas due to materials used in the building’s construction. We were hired to deliver LTE signal throughout the building with 4-5 bars and within 2 days the job was completed with complete success.

10,200 sq ft Historic Office
Tecumseh, Ontario

Two level historic store front office space had poor signal due to old stone construction material used  in the walls and a metal roof shielding more RF signals. Our install was completed in 8 hours and  produced LTE 5 bar signal throughout the building.

85,000 sq ft Waste Processing Plan
Toronto, Ontario

This sprawling plant has metal walls, roof and few windows with alot of machinery inside so cellular signal was poor. We upgraded signal to a 5 bar service with the installation taking 8 hours.

105,000 sq ft. Training and Operations Center
Markham, Ontario

Canada’s newly under construction ultra state of the art Gas Technology, Operations and Training Center had a GOLD LEED rating and poor and inconsistent cellular signal. Our design included over 45 inside antennas and 3 separate high power penta band cellular amplifiers. The end result was full LTE signal throughout the facility.

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What Are the Costs?

Safe and effective commercial Wireless signal amplification design installations require the following:

  • Canadian Government (IC) approved equipment.
  • Installation by experts with certifications in compliance with all industry safety and building code requirements.
  • Cooperation and approval by Rogers, Bell and Telus networks to avoid user liability of tower interference.

BOOSTit complies and exceeds all the above with years of high level commercial grade installations in very demanding business applications. Our designs and installations can cost as little as a few thousand dollars for a single small office to over $100,00 for large facilities. Our equipment carries an industry leading 3 year unlimited warranty. We offer support and maintenance programs and have financing options available if needed.

We guarantee the delivered signal performance in writing before we start the project. If we do not deliver results as promised, you pay nothing. 

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